Beginners Band

Once players have grasped the basics of holding their instrument and basic scales from the Starter Group, they move on to the Beginners’ Band where they learn to play easy pieces of music, basic music theory and about playing in an ensemble environment.


Holy Trinity School Summer Fair 2011

The Beginners’ Band practice for their two main concerts of the year, the Summer Concert and Christmas Concert which are held at the band hall along with the Youth & Training Band. At the Summer Concert a trophy, the Dougie Lloyd Trophy, is given to a player who has progressed the most during the previous year. This is a tradition which is run throughout all three bands.

Once the Band Director feels that a player may be ready for the Youth & Training band, they take part in an audition with the musical directors of both bands. Players then do split rehearsals where they play in the Beginners’ Band for the first half and then the Youth & Training Band for the second half. Once they are ready, they then Youth & Training Band fully with both Directors approval.

The Beginners’ Band rehearse every Friday evening, 7:30pm – 8:30pm, at the Bandhall.