1950 and Beyond the Millennium

1950-1The photo to the right is from the 1950’s. Note the uniform. Hats and high collars to the jacket. Must have been hot work.




1950-2The formal photo to the left is taken at the time of completion of the band hall. This puts the date between late 1963 and early 1964. Note the building materials in the foreground.






The photo to the right was taken in 1991.






1950-4A milestone in the history of the band is, without doubt, playing in the national finals at the Royal Albert Hall in 2000. The photo shows the band which competed in splendid formal pose with the famous RAH outlined behind them.





1950-5In addition to the area contest in the spring of each year the band has played in the Wychavon contest for several years. The Wychavon Festival takes place in either Pershore or Evesham area in autumn. The photo shows the contest band of 2004.